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      1. 溫州星達機械有限公司
          聯系人: 孫培敏
          手機:13676433087 13958854426 18968879799
          Address: 100 meters, Songqiao Road, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou
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          Wenzhou Xingda Machinery Co. LTD is a professional card mounting machine manufacturer, covering semi-automatic card mounting machine, automatic card mounting machine, automatic card mounting machine.
        The company has strong technical force, advanced production testing equipment, professional technology and management personnel and high-quality sales team. We adhere to the quality of survival, science and technology for development, a wide range of advantages, the integration of domestic and foreign mechanical research essence, to ensure the production of stable quality, reasonable price, new and efficient printing and packaging machinery and equipment for users.
        聯系人: 孫培敏 手機:13676433087 13958854426 18968879799
        網址:http://www.hnluteng.com/ 地址:溫州市平陽縣萬全鎮宋橋路100米
        Copyright 2017 ? 溫州星達機械有限公司 ALL RIGHT RESERVED. 備案號:浙ICP備2021033122號-1   技術支持:華一網絡 主營:裱卡機,半自動裱卡機,自動裱卡機 公安備案號:33038102331285
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